Policies - Parent Payment

       Voluntary Financial Contributions for 2022

Coburg Primary School is looking forward to a great year of teaching and learning in 2022. We would like to advise you of Coburg Primary School’s voluntary financial contributions for 2022.

Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all financial contributions from parents are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing financial support from our families ensures that our school can continue to offer high standards of education and care for our students.

Within our school your contributions have enabled us to provide every student with access to the essential equipment and resources required to support their learning and growth. This also helped us to pivot to remote learning during the lockdowns experienced in 2021.

The parent contribution request for 2022 will be $300 per student. School Council has approved to keep the contribution amount the same as it was in 2021. (Please note that curriculum excursion and incursion costs are not included in the 2022 payment. Curriculum excursions and incursions will be invoiced as they occur throughout the year).

Coburg Primary School makes every effort to keep parent contribution requests to a minimum and affordable for all parents. We understand some families may face financial difficulty and there are a range of support options and alternative payment arrangements available. For a confidential discussion please contact Business Manager Joy Sleeman on 9354 9332.

For families who wish to make an additional contribution we invite and encourage donations to the school’s library fund. Donations to the library fund are tax deductible and can be included at the time of making your 2022 voluntary contribution.

For further information on the Department’s Parent Payments Policy please see a one-page overview attached.


Matt Kerby                         Jacob Kantor

Principal                             School Council President

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